Raymond Jackson & Israel’s Miracle War



It’s good to be with you this evening, and I thank you for joining us.

God sure is good. I am really joyful over the wonderful move of God here these past weeks. And for all our friends who have recently left the message, God bless you all. Blessed are you when they revile you and persecute you for the sake of Christ, for great is your reward in heaven.

William Branham may have been a fake prophet, but Jesus is a real savior, and everything you have need of is wrapped up in Him. Let not your heart be troubled.

Cruel preachers, possessed of a Pharisee spirit, may treat you like the Pharisees treated Jesus, but you are in good company.

I mentioned in the Sunday evening service that I would try to take some time today to talk a little bit about Israel.

And, this is not a sermon tonight, but I have titled our subject, Raymond Jackson and Israel’s Miracle war. And if you fellowshipped in the churches that I come from, you will know exactly what that means. There are certain teachings concerning Israel that Raymond Jackson developed in the years after William Branham died, and those teachings are specific to the message churches who were affiliated and associated with Raymond Jackson. I have received a lot of questions about that in light of recent events in Israel, and I am going to try and address those questions this evening in a straightforward way.

And in case you may wonder why I am taking this topic, I and most of our listeners here are formerly members of a doomsday cult based on the teachings of William Branham known as the message. These things I am talking about are one of the main legs of the cult’s doomsday teachings. Of course, all Christians believe in the return of Jesus Christ, the second coming, and many Christians believe there will be a tribulation or time of trouble at the end of days.

But what we are talking about is not that more normal Christian way of looking at these sorts of things. Where we come from, the majority of the sermons preached are done so in a yelling, screaming sort of way, and people are being told the end of the world is going to be a catastrophic, torturous event. They set doomsday dates over and over and over, and it’s never more than a year or two away from the end of the world. These doomsday beliefs totally define the way they live their lives. Unless you obey the preacher in your church, you are going to burn and be destroyed. They use these things as a means to control people, abuse people, and extort people. It’s not the normal healthy way of looking at the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is a cult centered on doomsday rather than a true Christian church that is centered on the gospel.

And, it is no exaggeration to say there are 100 doomsday sermons preached for every 1 sermon on the gospel in these churches. That might be too generous.

Alright, so let’s dive into this. But before I do, I want to take just a few minutes to talk about the nation of Israel and its history.

A Brief History of Modern Israel

The story of the modern state of Israel begins back in the 1800s. During the 1870s, a movement began among elements of Jewish people who lived in Europe to find a homeland where the Jewish people could live and govern themselves in peace. Over the years, the movement gathered strength and popularity, and by the 1890s, the Jewish people created the Zionist Congress. That body represented Jewish communities from all over the world, and they used the Zionist Congress to coordinate all of their efforts to find a homeland where their people could live and practice their faith in peace.

Of course, that is a cause I am sympathetic with, and I am sure most of our listeners here are too. Every people should be free to live according to the dictates of their conscience, free from oppression, free abuse, and persecution. The Jewish people deserve that freedom just as much as you and I do as Christians.

Of course, on a religious level, we recognize that there is no hope of salvation in Judaism, apart from their messiah. Judaism cannot save the soul, and ultimately, as Christians, we acknowledge that the Jewish people need to recognize Jesus Christ as their savior, just like you and I do. But that is not something that can be brought about forcibly on anyone, and we respect other people, even when they choose to live and believe differently than ourselves. In that way, we support the right of the Jewish people to live in peace and freedom and self-government.

And so that Jewish Congress, their objective became finding a place where the Jewish people could live in peace according to the dictates of their conscience. That was a great challenge.

One challenge the Jewish people faced is that there were many restrictions on their ability to move to other countries. Most places in the world did not want to take any Jews, so there were not a lot of options for them to migrate or move. There was really no country in Europe that wanted to take them. The Ottoman Empire, who ruled the Middle East, didn’t want them, and even here in America, we had strict quotas, and we would only let so many Jews move to America each year, and there was never a possibility that the Jewish people as a whole would be able to relocate themselves to America.

And so, finding a place to go was a huge problem. But besides that, even if they had a place to go, many of the Jews lived in countries that didn’t want to let them leave. Russia would not let the Jews leave, and a lot of Europe was that way, especially eastern. One common myth people believe is that the Jews were comfortable and well-to-do in Europe, and that they didn’t want to move. But that really is not true. That is actually antisemitic propaganda created by Nazis, and people who tell you things like that are repeating hateful antisemitic propaganda.

The Jewish people in the late 1800s and early 1900s were very eager to find a way to get to a place where they could live and practice their faith in freedom, but the nations of the world prevented them from doing that.

And so the Zionist Congress was working to change that situation, and the first thing their Congress tackled was finding an actual place for the Jews to move to.

And there are some parts of the world that were remote and largely uninhabited back then. The Jewish Congress thought for a time that maybe they could get one of the great colonial empires to grant them permission to colonize one of the remote uninhabited regions of the world. But that effort never bore any fruit and ultimately failed.

But through that effort to try and get a colony of their own, the Zionist Congress made a lot of friends in the British Empire, and the British Empire was, in that time, the greatest empire in the entire world. During World War I, the British Empire conquered the Middle East. The British already ruled Egypt and India before the war started. During the war, they invaded the Middle East from Africa and conquered the land of Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and all those nations.

When the First World War was over, the British Empire started to divide that land up into provinces within their empire. That is how all the countries of the Middle East that you see today were created. The British Empire and the French Empire created them. The British created Iraq, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, and so forth. The French Empire created Syria and Lebanon.

In the process of doing that, the Zionist Congress convinced the British Empire to set aside some of the land in Israel for the Jewish people, and the British Empire issued what is called the Balfour Declaration, which granted the Jewish people a homeland in the land of Israel, within the British Empire. That declaration began the effort of allowing Jews to move back to Israel in 1917. So in 1917, that’s over 100 years ago now, the Jewish people began migrating back to Israel.

Now, when that began, there were many Jews already living in the land of Israel. There had been Jews living there all along, and there was never really any point at which Jews were not there. So there was already a Jewish community in the land of Israel, with towns and villages before the large migration began.

The British Empire set quotas on the migration, and they would only permit so many Jews to move back to Israel each year. The Zionist Congress helped finance it all, raising money to build the towns and communities, to recruit and sponsor the Jewish people to move back to the land of Israel, and organized the groups to fill up the quotas of migrants.

So every year, the Jewish Congress sent a new wave of migrants back to Israel starting in 1917. That went on for several years, and by the time World War II began, about a half million Jews were living in the land of Israel, a province of the British Empire.

In the years leading up to World War II, the British had a change of heart and completely shut off the flow of migrants, stopping the Zionist Congress from sending waves of migrants into the land of Israel. Again, I want to point out that it is a total myth that the Jewish people were rich and comfortable in Europe and that they didn’t want to escape the rise of Nazi Germany. They absolutely did want to escape, and they tried to, but by and large, they had nowhere to go. America had also shut off immigration in those years and was not letting hardly any Jews in. The British had shut down migration to the land of Israel, and the British also refused to accept Jews into their country. Spain, in the same way, refused to let Jews into the country.

For the most part, the Jewish people in Europe really had no place to go to escape the coming Holocaust. They were trapped, and anywhere they could possibly go was not far enough away to escape what was coming.

As World War II happened, we know that Nazi Germany perpetrated the Holocaust, killing about six million Jews, roughly one-half the world’s entire population of Jews, which was about two-thirds of all the Jews in Europe.

When the war was over in 1945, the world realized the horrors that had happened to the Jewish people, and the Allied powers determined that the Jewish people needed their own country, where they could live in peace and freedom, not be controlled by other powers. For their safety and protection, the Jewish people deserved to have their own nation, so their destiny would be in their own hands.

And they decided, through the United Nations, that place should be the land of Israel.

In the year after World War II, the British Empire started to collapse, and as the British Empire collapsed, they started to give independence to their different provinces. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and so forth were all created out of the provinces of the British Empire. Israel, which was called Palestine then, was divided between the Jews and the Arabs, and the British attempted to divide the province between the Jews and the Arabs, starting by creating the country of Jordan out of the eastern half.

But the eastern half of the land of Israel was very complicated to divide, as the Arab towns and the Jewish towns were so intermingled that they could not agree on where to draw the lines of the new borders. The Arabs didn’t want to be ruled by the Jews, and the Jews didn’t want to be ruled by the Arabs, making it impossible for the British to come up with a way to divide the land up between them that would make both sides happy.

So the British Empire basically decided to wash their hands of the problem and handed the issue over to the United Nations to deal with. But the United Nations could not come up with a solution either, as they could not find a way to draw the borders that would not end up hurting either the Arabs or the Jews.

Finally, the British set a date at which they would essentially abandon their province of Palestine, and they withdrew all of their soldiers. In May 1948, the British Empire officially abandoned their province of Palestine, and on May 14, Israel declared independence.

Immediately after the British withdrew and Israel declared independence, all of their neighboring countries declared war. Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and so on, all declared war. It’s important to note that these neighboring countries were relatively new countries, having been created by the French Empire and the British Empire during that same period of time. None of them had powerful armies, and the war was mostly fought by untrained militias. During the war, Israel gained the upper hand, leading to a ceasefire between all the factions.

In that war, the Arabs and the Israelis both fled to areas that were safe, creating a situation where there were no Arabs left on the Israeli side and no Jewish people left on the Arab side of the line. The war essentially brought about what the British Empire and the United Nations had not been able to do.

When the 1948 Israel war of independence ended, Gaza was still controlled by Egypt, and the West Bank was occupied by Jordan.

In 1948, during the war, many stories circulated about miraculous events that helped Israel secure a victory. These events are often viewed as a testament to the miraculous nature of the war for Israel.

In 1967, the next significant conflict unfolded, and it was truly remarkable. The Six-Day War, as it came to be known, was a miraculous event in itself, arguably one of the most successful wars in history. Egypt, Syria, and Jordan were all planning a sneak attack on Israel, but Israel received advance information and decided to launch a preemptive strike. In just six days, Israel defeated all these countries and took control of Gaza and the Sinai Peninsula from Egypt, the West Bank and Jerusalem from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria, achieving a remarkable victory.

However, this marked the last war in which Israel experienced a significant breakthrough. From then on, Israel won every war but faced a strategic stalemate. Israel managed to establish peace treaties with Jordan and Egypt, fostering friendly relations with these countries.

In contrast, the West Bank and Gaza remained mired in a stalemate. In northern Israel, conflicts with Syria and Lebanon persisted, with Israel repeatedly winning on the battlefield but failing to effect substantial change on the ground.

This pattern of recurring cycles continued. The Arab nations would rebuild their forces and initiate another conflict, either in the West Bank, Gaza, or against Syria and Lebanon. Israel would respond with a military operation, resulting in casualties on the opposing side. Eventually, the conflict would subside, only to restart the cycle.

In my lifetime, I’ve witnessed this cycle repeat itself ten times. Unfortunately, it seems that this war will not be the last. The cycle will persist until a significant change occurs. The current situation is unlikely to break this cycle, as it would require a much larger transformation.

As supporters of Israel, we recognize the Jewish people’s long history of struggling to survive. They deserve to live in freedom and peace, just like anyone else. It’s often said that if the Arabs lay down their weapons, there will be peace. However, if Israel were to do the same, its existence would be at risk.

In reality, the main obstacle to peace lies with the Arabs, though not all of them. While some Arabs are willing to make peace, there are enough who refuse to do so, preventing a lasting peace from taking root. It’s a complex and challenging situation that continues to shape the region’s dynamics.

Israel’s “Miracle War”

Now, as this cycle has been repeating itself over and over again, back in the early 1990s, Raymond Jackson introduced some teachings that we referred to as the miracle war. And it was basically his belief about how this cycle of war in the Middle East would come to an end. And it would end with Israel totally defeating all the neighboring countries, and coming to full control of all the land which God had promised to Abraham in Genesis, which is basically about ten times larger than the country of Israel is today. And then after that war, Israel would build a temple in Jerusalem, and that would ultimately lead to ushering in the final seven years of time. So, we were all believing that this miracle war has to happen as the prelude to the final end of days. And of course, like the rest of the followers of the message, our churches were a doomsday cult. We also believed that in that same time frame there was going to be some catastrophic event in the United States, which we usually called George Washington’s vision, which would basically be an American Civil War caused by immigrants and racial minorities. And that event would be so catastrophic that it would end the United States as a world power.

So that is the broad scope of it all. But let me focus in on this miracle war, and let me explain how that belief in the miracle war got started. Raymond Jackson told us he had this experience, where a light shined down over his head and said, “I will show you the order of my coming.” And then, to quote Raymond Jackson, he suddenly came into possession of the knowledge of certain verses of scripture. And it was revealed to him supernaturally how to put those verses into a correct chronological order, as they would happen at the end time. And those verses which were supernaturally revealed to him, if you want to see them, are hanging on a chart that is posted up in every one of our churches. That chart is called the countdown chart. If you will look at those charts, there is a big arrow pointing to the year 2004 ½. And 2004 ½ was supposed to be the approximate time at which the final seven years would begin. But Raymond Jackson deceived us about that, and of course, that didn’t happen.

Era of the Miraculous section of the Countdown chart

But, looking at that chart, immediately to the left of that 2004 ½ mark, you will find the era of the miraculous. And that era of the miraculous is where Raymond Jackson wrote down the scripture that were revealed to him in this supernatural experience. And he wrote them down in the chronological order they are supposed to happen in because that was the whole point of it. God has supposedly revealed to him the order of his coming. And this era of the miraculous was going to be the time when the seven thunders were revealed, and there was going to be great miracles in the church. And at the same time, there was supposed to be a great miracle war in the land of Israel.

And, of course, predicting a war in the Middle East an easy thing to do. There has been war after war after war. And this war today will not be the last war either. Give it a little time, and there will be another war after this one. It’s easy to predict a war in the Middle East. There is nothing the least bit special about that. But Raymond Jackson predicted a very specific war tied to certain verses of scripture, which had to happen in a chronological order. And this was preached many times, and it is still preached in most of the churches who associated with us. And if you are someone who actually pays attention in church, you ought to be able to quote these things line and verse in your sleep. We have heard this stuff so much.

There are lots of sermons where you could listen to this stuff though if you have not paid attention. If you are looking for that, I would probably recommend the sermons Raymond Jackson preached in 1998 called “The Restitution of All Things.” That was a six-part series, and I believe it is the most detailed explanation he ever made on this topic.

And I am going to walk through it with you. The war is supposed to start after the Jewish people have returned to the land of Israel. And back in those days, the Jews from the Soviet Union were moving to Israel, and the 1990s was the first time that Israel grew to have the world’s largest population of Jews, and starting in the early 1990s, we were taught that everything was set for this war to take place at any minute. And the war would specifically begin in Judea. And there was a verse in Zech 12, which says God will save the tents of Judah first. And that verse meant the war would start in Judea, and that part of the country would be saved first.

And today, of course, Judea is mainly in the West Bank. It is primarily inhabited by Arabs today. Judea starts at Jerusalem in the very top, and it goes south to Hebron. And from Hebron down to Beersheba. And the majority of that area today is inhabited by Arabs. And that is where this miracle war is supposed to start, somewhere in Judea, somewhere from Jerusalem in the north and to the southern desert. And that is a specific area of land.

And I want to ask you the very simple question: Is that where this present conflict started? And the answer to that is no. This did not start in the ancient land of Judea. This started in the ancient land of Gaza. And in fact, things in Judea have been pretty calm. There has not been much happening there at all. So, there is your first clue that what you are seeing today cannot be the miracle war that Raymond Jackson taught. A miracle war that starts somewhere besides Judea is not the miracle war we were taught to look for.

But let’s move on to the next part. After this miracle war starts in Judea, then it moves into Gaza second. And there is a scripture in Zephaniah chapter 2 that describes what will happen in Gaza. And those verses are specific. It says the cities of Gaza and Ashkelon will be abandoned by the people who live there, and the cities of Ashdod and Ekron will be burnt to the ground. And back in ancient times, those were the major cities of Philistines, the enemies of Israel.

And you can look at those places on a map today. Gaza is where we see violence happening right now. Gaza is controlled by the Arabs, the enemy of Israel. But Ekron, and Ashdod, and Ashkelon – those are Jewish cities. Israel controls those cities today. Israel captured those cities back during their war in 1948. And only Gaza is inhabited by Arabs today. So the way the situation stands on the ground today, it would take a change in the whole dynamic to fulfill those verses in Zephaniah. And if we are honest with ourselves, it is possible that maybe we could make that verse fit with what happened in 1948 and 1967. But it’s really impossible that this verse can ever be fulfilled with the present configuration of things in the Middle East. And if you want to put it back with something that happened in the past, I think that is fine. But to try and link it to what we are seeing today is totally mistaken because for this to happen today, Israel would have to destroy its own cities, which simply does not make any sense.

And that is another strong clue that what you are seeing today cannot possibly be the miracle war taught by Raymond Jackson because it would require Israel to destroy three of its own cities. And that is not going to happen.

So, for this war to be Raymond Jackson’s miracle war, it had to start in Judea. The cities of Ashkelon, Ekron, Ashdod, and Gaza have to be wiped out. And then what? What comes third?

The book of Obadiah comes next in Raymond Jackson’s miracle war scenario. Israel takes out Edom and Moab third. And where was Edom? Edom is Jordan. The capital of Edom was Amman, which is the capital of Jordan today.

And let me ask you this, is Jordan involved in this war in any way? The answer is no. And then we ask ourselves, is Jordan likely to get involved in this war in any way? And the answer again is no.

30 years ago, when Raymond Jackson came up with this stuff, the Middle East was aligned differently. Things have changed a lot in 30 years.

There are two big alliances in the Middle East – the Sunnis and the Shia. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Gulf states, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority – they are all part of the Sunni alliance of states. They are on one side. The other side is the Shia, which includes Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Hezbollah, and Hamas. Iraq is slowly falling into that faction too.

The Shia states are allied with Russia, and the Sunni states are allied with the United States. These two groups are very strongly divided and opposed to each other. In fact, these two sides have been at war with each other for the past ten years, fighting in the country of Yemen. These two factions are not friends; they are enemies and not going to team up together and attack Israel.

That is not going to happen. The Sunni states would sit back and watch Israel destroy their enemies, or the Shia states would sit back and watch Israel destroy their enemies. Neither side is going to help their enemies.

And those Sunni countries are, for the most part, increasingly friendly with Israel. When Trump was president, they had the Abraham Accords, and most of the Sunni countries are now friends of Israel. Saudi Arabia is really the last holdout, and none of them are remotely close to going to war with Israel, and that includes Jordan.

And there is not going to be an Israeli invasion of Jordan today. But the miracle war of Raymond Jackson has Israel invade and totally annex Jordan. Jordan ceases to exist in the war Raymond Jackson predicted. There is very little chance of that happening at all with the scenario playing out today, and Jordan and the PLO are not friends with Hamas.

What Jordan and the PLO are hoping is that Israel will take over Gaza and then give it to the PLO. The truth is that is probably what is going to happen. Based on everything I know from studying that part of the world, I would say the most likely thing here is that Israel will take over Gaza and then in the course of time, they will withdraw again and give it to the PLO.

The point being, Jordan is not going to get involved in this war, which again proves this cannot possibly be Raymond Jackson’s miracle war.

Ok, so what comes fourth? First Judea, then Gaza, then Jordan. What is fourth?

That would be Isaiah 19. Israel next is supposed to attack Egypt and destroy several Egyptian cities. And then Israel completely turns Egypt into a client state. Egypt becomes a servant to Israel in the scenario Raymond Jackson taught.

And let me ask you, is that what we see happening today? And of course, the answer is no. Egypt is actually being the middle man, trying to broker peace with Hamas. Egypt is not joining the war; there is no sign of that at all. That is simply not going to happen here. Egypt is the mediator in this war; it’s not involved in fighting it.

So again, can this possibly be Raymond Jackson’s miracle war? No, of course not.

And then what happens after Egypt? Next comes Assyria, from Isaiah 11. Syria and Lebanon are supposed to be invaded and conquered fifth. Lebanon is supposed to be totally annexed; Lebanon ceases to exist as a country. And then Syria is conquered and turned into another client state of Israel.

Now, according to the news, it is possible Lebanon could get sucked into this war, the way things are playing out. And Syria, it’s very unlikely Syria is going to get involved in this war in a big way because right now, Syria is in the middle of an internal civil war, and it is really unlikely Syria would go to war with Israel because it would be risking its own collapse. Syria is not in a position to do much of anything to Israel. So, it’s really unlikely that Syria would join the war.

So what comes after Syria? What is supposed to happen next in Raymond Jackson’s miracle war scenario?

In his later years, Raymond Jackson also began to include Iraq in the miracle war scenario. He used Isaiah 63 for that, and said that chapter was talking about Israel invading Barzah in Iraq. Essentially, Raymond Jackson taught the miracle war would end in Iraq, with Israel striking Barzah, and Iraq would be the last country to be knocked out of the war. The war would end with Israel totally defeating and occupying all of the countries I have mentioned.

And, one more that is just not going to happen in the present situation. This scenario was invented before the Second Gulf War, before the United States had taken over Iraq. Today, the United States still has enough control over Iraq to prevent it from going to war with Israel. That is just not going to happen.

Let me state unequivocally: This is not Raymond Jackson’s miracle, and it will absolutely not turn into Raymond Jackson’s miracle war. Anyone who tells you that is lying to you, and I pray that God soon shuts their wicked mouths.

And if you are listening to this and thinking to yourself, “Well, it all could turn into the miracle war, and I am just doubting God.” No, I am not doubting God; I am using the wisdom He gave me and comparing what these men have said to the Bible. I am telling you it doesn’t match the Bible scripture they claim is the source of their beliefs. That makes me a believer, not a doubter. In fact, you are the doubter if you think God is going to do it some way different than the Bible says, and you are being a fool, listening to lies and swallowing them over and over.

You need to be ashamed of yourself and wake up. It is a good thing to be on alert and watching to see what God is doing in the world; that is a good thing. And it is a good thing to be watchful for signs of the end, but it is not a good thing, in fact, it is a very wicked and evil thing to do what these churches are doing, repeatedly working all the people up into these doomsday scenarios over and over and over again. This is making you radical; this is making you hurt people and damage people, and you have done that many times.

If someone said the things I am saying right now, you would think nothing of attacking and mercilessly destroying that person from your midst, and you have done that quite a number of times. In fact, I could give you names and families who were destroyed, broke up, lives ruined by radical fanatics where we come from, all because they said this miracle war thing was not happening.

That is not okay. You are sinners. You are destroying lives in the name of your false ideas, and I pray Almighty God starts to hold those wicked leaders accountable for what they are doing.

Raymond Jackson’s miracle starts in Judea, it spreads to Gaza, then to Jordan, and then to Egypt, and then to Lebanon and Syria, and then finally ends in Iraq. That is the miracle war, in essence, as taught by Raymond Jackson and the message churches we come from.

I want to also point out that Iran is missing in the miracle war scenario. In fact, Raymond Jackson taught specifically that Iran would NOT be involved in the miracle war scenario. So again, if Iran is involved – that would again prove this cannot be Raymond Jackson’s miracle war.

Now, last of all, what did Raymond Jackson say this miracle war would accomplish? In the big picture, he said it would destroy Islam. There is, in this war, supposed to be such a miraculous display of the power of God that it would cause the Muslims to abandon faith in their Allah and come to worship the God of Israel instead. That is the ultimate outcome this miracle war is supposed to produce.

Raymond Jackson took that from the verse about all the gods of the earth being famished. This miracle war is supposed to destroy Islam.

And I want to ask you, have you seen anything like that? Have you seen any evidence of that sort of thing happening at all? The answer is a very solid no, absolutely not.


Now, I have just explained this whole miracle war scenario to you, and now I want to make some closing points to you.

The first point is that if what we are seeing today is actually the end, if this war is actually something that brings about the end of days, then that is total proof that the churches we have come from were lying to us. This is not a vindication of the message; it’s not a vindication of Raymond Jackson. It’s solid evidence that they were badly mistaken because what we are seeing does not match the scenario they told us, and it does not match the scriptures they used to back it up. If this war is really the end-game war, then you can be perfectly confident those preachers where we have come from had no idea what they were talking about.

The second point I want you to catch is that every one of those preachers who is getting up these past couple weeks and telling you this is the miracle war, they are ignorant fools. May their mouths be stopped. They are boldly lying to you. This absolutely does not match the miracle war description they have been teaching for 30 years.

This should open your eyes to the reality that these men are lying to you. Either they are lying to you, or they are ignorant about the teachings of your church, and either way, it should wake you up to the reality that you cannot trust them because they are ignorant, or they are lying. It’s a mix; some of them are definitely lying to you, they know better, and some of them are just ignorant fools who have no business behind a platform.

I hope you are writing down all their predictions and come back six months from now and see if any of it actually happened. I feel perfectly confident in telling you everything they are predicting to you about the near future is totally false.

There is a third closing point I want to make, and it is this: the churches that we come from only believe in a miracle war because Raymond Jackson had that experience of the light shining over his head. That is your only basis for believing that those scriptures have anything to do with a last-days miracle war. The Bible does not say, in the last days, Israel will have a great war where it will capture all the land of the Kingdom of David and rebuild the temple. The Bible does not say that; it does not say anything close to that.

There are scriptures about wars, there are scriptures about a restoration of Israel, but nothing that is anywhere near as specific as what we believed about this miracle war idea. The truth is, the blow-by-blow beliefs in this miracle war do not exist.

Those prophecies could be about multiple wars; some of them are about wars that almost certainly happened in the past and not about wars in the future. There is no definitive basis to say these wars will destroy Islam as a religion, and there is truthfully no basis to say there even needs to be more wars than there already have been to further restore Israel. All of those ideas are based on suppositions rooted in these dreams and experiences that Raymond Jackson and William Branham supposedly had and not in the Bible.

Here is what I would suggest to you and what I believe: Raymond Jackson was mistaken, and this miracle war you are looking for is never going to happen, certainly not the way he explained, certainly not the way he preached it, and certainly not according to the scripture he put on his countdown chart. We were misled.

If you think you are the only people using those scriptures to predict another war in Israel, you are mistaken. Your belief in an end-of-days war in Israel is not unique to you. What is special about the places we come from is that we had a unique blow-by-blow detailing of just how that war would unfold. But if you don’t have that, then you are not better off than any other group out there who generically believes there will be some end-of-days war in Israel.

In conclusion, there is no such thing as the miracle war which you believe in. It’s not going to happen, just like it has not happened the last dozen times they told you it was about to happen. This war will go on, it will end, and then there will be another war, and probably another, and probably another. There is no sign that this cycle is coming to an end right now.

The preachers who are obsessed with this are the false teachers Jesus warned you about in Matthew 24. “You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but the end is not yet.” They are men who are exposing themselves as false prophets and false teachers, the very ones Jesus warned about.

The question I have for you is, when are you going to start believing Jesus and push these crazy men to the side? Yes, there will be wars; yes, there will be rumors of wars. The Middle East will have more wars after this one, but the scenario taught to you as the miracle is never going to happen; you have been lied to. Wars and rumors of wars are not the sign of the end; it is actually a sign that people obsessed over that are false teachers.

And I will say this.

It’s one thing for a person to get up and say these sort of things are maybe a theory, or a possibility, or an opinion they have. You know, I can see someone looking at those sort of things, and speculating a little, or wondering a little, and framing it that way.

But that’s not how these things have been presented to us over the years. These things have been presented to us as the capital TEE truth. It was the word of God, the unquestionable exact way this thing was going to be. And to disagree with what the preachers said on any level, they would skin you alive, they would disfellowship you and throw you out, and they have. Like I mentioned already, I could give you a list of names of people who disagreed with this miracle war idea, and that’s exactly what they did to them. I could give you the names of some families and homes that are even destroyed over that.

And that is not okay. These people have not simply had false ideas. They have attacked and destroyed and harmed and injured others in the name of these false ideas. This thing is pure evil that they had done.

If you’re so sure about this thing, that you break up homes and families and destroy lives over it, if you’re so sure this is the capital T truth, then it better be exactly what you have been describing. And for these things to happen, and for those false preachers to keep changing their story, and keep evolving how this thing is supposed to play out, constantly making adjustments to it to try and make it fit the current events on the group, when you do that, you’re admitting you’re wrong. You’re admitting your truth wasn’t truth, because if it was truth, you wouldn’t need to keep changing it. And the truth is, the fact you keep changing proves you are nothing but a liar, and you don’t even believe it yourself. It’s just something to keep stringing the people along.

So as I wrap up this talk, I support Israel. I support Israel as someone who is a conservative Christian, who believes the Jewish people have a right to live in peace. I also hope and pray and believe that one day Israel will come to Christ in a greater way than it is today.

And I read in the Bible that we are to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. As a student of the Bible who has studied these things for decades, I see no basis by which we can say these things we are seeing fulfill any specific prophecy of scripture other than it being another war that is not a sign of the end, which Jesus talked about.

And I believe that this war will not be the last in Israel; sadly, there will be more. And those things are not something you need to be in the message to believe. Most of conservative American Christianity believes that.

And I thank God today that I was delivered from the message doomsday cult.


Let me close in prayer.

Lord God, we pray that the wicked leaders of the false message repent and turn to you. We pray that they give up their lies, that they repent of their delusions, and they turn their hearts fully to faith in you. But Lord, if they do not, we pray you visit swift judgment on them. They are harming and injuring and misleading millions of people in the name of their false system of religion. You see the rapes, the abuse, the dead, the destroyed lives, the molestations, the broken homes, the suicides, all these things which they have carried out and defended and covered up in the name of their false doomsday religion. Bring them to naught we pray, so that the innocent may go free.

And Lord we pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We don’t know exactly how all this will play out, but we pray for the safety of all your children. We pray that the wicked meet justice, and that the innocent are delivered.

This we ask of you, the just judge.

In Jesus’ name.