The following is a list of online resources the editor of this website found helpful.

SearchingForVindication.comThe creators of Searching For Vindication were message believers who could not believe William Branham could have misled us. They set out on a year long quest to search the archives for evidence backing up William Branham’s stories.
William-Branham.orgA website that has collected thousands of historical documents related to William Branham. This is an excellent resource for accessing independent third party accounts of William Branham and his ministry.
BelieveTheSign.orgPreviously one of the premier Message websites on the internet, the editors of Believe the Sign discovered some troubling issues and have published their evidence and conclusions.
The Jury Trial seriesThe pastor of George Smith and Rebecca Branham Smith (William Branham’s daughter and son-in-law) relates his discoveries about William Branham.
beEmboldenedCreated by a former message believer, beEmbolded is a dedicated to helping people understand, overcome, heal, and continue their walk with Christ after harmful religious experiences.
Off The Shelf podcastInterviews with former followers of the Message of William Branham.
Free and Clear podcastA podcast by former Message followers dedicated to religious abuse and recovery topics.
Road to Sunset Documentary SeriesA detailed three part documentary on the events surrounding the cloud and the revelation of the seals in 1963.
C.R. WottrichA video podcast by a former Message follower who shares her experiences and discoveries after leaving the message.