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Who Is The Seventh Church Age Messenger?

Today, we are going into the final lesson of our William Branham series. This is the eighth message in this series. When I started, I was not sure just how far I would go, and I had debated whether or not I would touch this topic. But I had several different ones ask me to take on this topic, so I decided that I will do that as our final topic in this series.

Our title today is, Who Is The Seventh Church Age Messenger?

Things That Are Not A Sign of the End

This morning we are continuing on with this series of messages we have been on for a little while now. I believe this is the seventh message in our William Branham series. I expect we will have one more lesson after this, and that will wrap up this series.

And today, our topic is “Things that are not a sign of the end.” Our emphasis today is again on the words, “are not.” This is not a doomsday sermon; this is an anti-doomsday sermon.

What the Parable of the Ten Virgins Is Not

Well, brothers and sisters, as I have said, the title of this message is “What the Parable of the Ten Virgins is not.” My emphasis today is on those last two words – What it is not. And chiefly, that is what we will be looking at today; we will be comparing what we have been told about this parable to see if it fits with the plain reading of scripture.

And as we do that, this message will be in four parts. The first part, I will explain what William Branham and message leaders preach about this parable. And then second, we will point out the internal contradictions within the message interpretation itself. And then, we will compare William Branham’s interpretation with the plain reading of scripture, to see if it stands up to scripture. And then last of all, we will take a little time to explore a better way to frame this parable.

Who is Cain’s father?

Today the topic we are asking the question, “Who is Cain’s father?” We are talking about Cain, who was born in Genesis chapter 4. Cain was the man who grew into an adult and ended up murdering his brother Abel. He fathered a family of really wicked people.

And we are asking the question, who is his father? To most Christians, that question is a no-brainer. For the average person, there is not really even a controversy over who Cain’s father is. Most everyone says Adam was his father. But William Branham had a very unorthodox explanation for Cain’s parentage, which we are going to examine today.

Who is the Son of Man in Luke 17:30?

This will be our fourth episode in this series, and we are calling it the William Branham series. We are focusing on a few of the big questions that people have as they exit William Branham’s cult following, known as the message.

And today, our topic is “Who is the Son of Man in Luke 17:30?” Our scripture reading is from the book of Luke, chapter 17. I invite you to turn there with me, and I will be reading beginning at verse 20 and going down to verse 30.

Who is the seventh angel of Revelation 10:7?

Today, we are continuing with our second message in this series. I am calling this the William Branham series, and I am really appreciative of all the wonderful feedback I have received over the past week since I started this series.

As we go on to the second part today, the title of the message is “Who is the seventh angel of Revelation 10:7?”

And our scripture today will be Revelation 10:7. I invite you to open your bibles with me and turn there, and we will read that verse together.

Who is the Elijah of Malachi 4:5-6?

Well, we have quite a topic today. One that, to most people in the world, they could care less about. It’s not a question that would even interest them. But to you and I, because of the background of where we come from, this is a very big topic, and a very big question.

And in case some of my listeners this morning are unfamiliar with why this subject would matter to us, I and most of our listeners here were formerly in the cult following of William Branham, called The Message. We believed William Branham was the Elijah that Malachi was referring to here in the book he wrote. We believed William Branham was the last days end time prophet to fulfill this prophecy.

The Horrors of the Message

Followers of Branham’s teachings can be found around the world; Branham claimed to have made over one million converts during his campaign meetings. In 1986, there were an estimated 300,000 followers. In 2000, the William Branham Evangelical Association had missions on every inhabited continent—with 1,600 associated churches in Latin America and growing missions across Africa. In 2018, Voice of God Recordings claimed to serve Branham-related support material to about two million people through the William Branham Evangelical Association, and estimated there were 2-4 million total followers of Branham’s teachings.

The Many Failed Healings of William Branham’s Ministry

I grew up at a large Message church in Jeffersonville, Indiana. A former deacon of the Branham tabernacle attended, appointed by Bro. Banham during the 1940s, attended our church. He frequently testified before our church about William Branham and the goodness of God. His testimonies were always very inspiring and a blessing. One testimony he shared frequently was concerning his sons. Both had been severely injured by polio in their youth, and one became a cripple.