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The Horrors of the Message

Followers of Branham’s teachings can be found around the world; Branham claimed to have made over one million converts during his campaign meetings. In 1986, there were an estimated 300,000 followers. In 2000, the William Branham Evangelical Association had missions on every inhabited continent—with 1,600 associated churches in Latin America and growing missions across Africa. In 2018, Voice of God Recordings claimed to serve Branham-related support material to about two million people through the William Branham Evangelical Association, and estimated there were 2-4 million total followers of Branham’s teachings.

The Many Failed Healings of William Branham’s Ministry

I grew up at a large Message church in Jeffersonville, Indiana. A former deacon of the Branham tabernacle attended, appointed by Bro. Banham during the 1940s, attended our church. He frequently testified before our church about William Branham and the goodness of God. His testimonies were always very inspiring and a blessing. One testimony he shared frequently was concerning his sons. Both had been severely injured by polio in their youth, and one became a cripple.

William Branham and Jim Jones

I have been aware of Jim Jones’s connection to the Message and William Branham since I was a young person. Sometime in the early 1990s, our pastor Raymond Jackson shared with us his knowledge of Jim Jones during a church service. He was prompted to give us the explanation by some material that had recently […]

William Branham’s Many Relationships with Homosexuals

There is no proof that William Branham was a homosexual. But there is overwhelming evidence that he was frequently in the company of known homosexuals and maintained close relationships with them, including promoting them and their ministries. William Branham’s relationships with homosexual span his entire ministry. Leo Mercer was a known homosexual. The following is an except from a legal case concerning Leo.

Why I Left: The Testimony of a Jeffersonville Message Minister

I grew up completely immersed in the doctrine of “The Message”, and I loved it. There are still aspects of it that I love and hold dearly. There are timeless truths that were taught within the message, that come from the bible and the great Christian ministers of days gone by.  I was raised to believe those timeless truths were my heritage as a message believer, and I still consider them my heritage today.  

Why Did William Branham Falsify His Early Life Story?

Growing up in Jeffersonville and being around so many eyewitnesses of William Branham, including friends and acquaintances of his all the way back to the 1930s, I have been aware for many years of discrepancies in William Branham’s early life story and reality. Many old-timers in the Jeffersonville are aware of William Branham’s stories, and we always tended to just dismiss them and excuse William Branham as an exaggerator.

Eyewitness Accounts of William Branham’s 1933 Baptismal Service at the Ohio River 

Several years ago, a website called published a copy of a newspaper article about William Branham’s June 1933 tent meetings. The newspaper article was the first I ever saw to give any details about the baptismal service that is so famously known to message believers. 

According to William Branham, on a Sunday during June 1933, he was baptizing at the river. According to his accounts, this was the first time he ever baptized anyone. Just after baptizing his seventeenth convert, a supernatural experience occurred. A mystical light descended from heaven over William Branham and a voice said “As John the Baptist was sent to forerun my first coming, so you have been sent with a message that will forerun my second coming.” William Branham explain that this happened in front a large crowed. In some stories he said there were as many as 10,000 witnesses. He also explained that the event was reported in newspapers around the United States and Canada, and he quote the newspaper article saying, “a mystic light” appeared over him while he was baptizing.

The Case for the White Supremacist Origin of William Branham’s Serpent Seed Doctrine

Modern Serpent Seed teaching developed within the British Israel movement. The movement began in the late 1700s and asserted the Anglo-Saxons were the descended from the lost tribes of Israel. At first the movement had very few adherents. But by the 1890s, the group had grown in popularity. Their beliefs crossed denominational boundaries and found varying degrees of acceptance by members of primarily Anglican, Methodist, Pentecostal, Adventist, and Baptist groups in the English speaking nations.  

Did William Branham preach a single new thing?

Central to the beliefs of The Message is that William Branham was a prophet who restored true revelation and understanding of the bible to the church. However, upon close examination, it becomes apparent that William Branham did not actually preach anything that had not already been preached before. All of his teachings, all of his doctrines, all of his sermons, are repeating concepts and ideas formulated by men who came before him.

Where did William Branham get the revelation of the seven seals?

Messages believers are nearly unified in their belief that William Branham’s sermons on the seven seals are the most important messages of his entire ministry. He and his followers believe the revelation of the seals were hidden from the church prior to his ministry, and that the true understanding of the seals could only have been revealed through his ministry as God’s special endtime prophet.